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Black Shakespeare

A simple question was asked: What would Shakespeare look like as a short black guy with an STD?

Answer: the first full-costume character to see the stage and grace audiences with unexpectedly saucy lyric and rhyme.

Cobra Commander

He is whip-wielding, diabolically sexual, and emphatically ruthless. One finds it difficult to encompass all of his verve in so few words, though Cobra lacks none on stage.

Dr. Vecture

In short, a professional creep who takes what is his without qualms for those who lay unjust claim to his treasures. Behold the madness that is… Dr. Vecture

Oxygen Super Skank

Musically condescending. None shall escape demise as the subject of his song.

Is he a pirate? Would he be more dastardly with all 88 keys? Will these questions ever be answered?

Jack Napier

An original take on The Joker inspired by the performances of Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix, Jack Napier is ultimately a statement on mental health.

Devastatingly theatrical, he makes his point with unstable flair and twisted humor. Most are unprepared to witness his performance and are left unsure of whether to laugh, cry, or make their way stealthily toward the nearest exit.

Minister Jerk Franklin

He is effervescent. An intoxicatingly charismatic mouthpiece of olde time gospel spirit and modern messages for the masses.